Monday, December 29, 2008

Instone one company - a resource for many

Who we are:
Instone is the largest distributor of Owens Corning Cultured Stone®, Prostone® Nappa Valley Cast Stone, Semco Thin Cut Natural stone, Arcast and Firerock in the country. Instone has been in business over 25 years serving Maine to North Carolina, with distribution centers in Connecticut, New Jersey and Virginia.

Why should this matter to you?
As a homeowner
Instone is a free resource offering project ideas that not only will add beauty and comfort but value to your home. Instone’s extensive design gallery and product selection guide will inspire your imagination for the perfect home improvement plan. Trust your home to an expert. Instone list’s of “Select Installers” are made up of masons that have been certified and meets the quality assurance standards set by Instone and Owens Corning. When you’re ready to begin we’ll be here ready to help.
To learn about all the possibilities that exist for your home contact us today for a free design catalog. Stop waiting for someday you’re just one click away

For the Architectural community Instone has become a vital resource for technical support and training. Together Instone and Owens Corning provides training for numerous Architects helping them stay current and meet their yearly requirements, a free service. If you are an Architect that would like to learn more about free training seminars or Stone Cad software. Please contact us today, we’d like to help.

Builders: As part of the Building industry for over 25 years and a member of local Builders Associations, Instone has come to be known as the expert in stone veneer products. Instone has lend its self to the building community as a resource for designing, technical support, and installation instructions For Owens Corning Cultured Stone, Prostone Semco Thin Cut Natural stone and more.
Our Cultured Stone Product lines provide you with unsurpassed quality and beauty. Instone’s large inventory allows us to get product in the hands of our clients fast. We are extremely responsive with the shortest lead times in the industry, which allows you to finish your jobs on time.
Our Sales team is available to assist with product literature, quoting and matching you with a dealer. Take advantage of our expertise and call today learn why Cultured Stone is the top rated stone veneer in the industry.

Mason’s Instone is your partner in business. If you succeed then we succeed. We are here to provide more than the highest quality stone veneer in the industry; we are here with marketing support, installation information, and job referrals. We invite you to apply for the Owens Corning “Select Installer” program.
As a “select Installer” you will benefit from rebates, free marketing material, sell books, gift awards and the benefits of being a part of the Instone/Owens Corning team. To learn how you can become a “select Installer contact Instone today