Monday, September 26, 2011

How to choose the right mason for your stone veneer installation.

How to choose the right mason for your stone veneer installation.

Here are a few questions to consider when choosing a mason. Make sure your mason is current with the best practices of the industries. Over the years there has been significant changes and improvement to masonry installation.
Products now exist that are designed to prevent water damage by allowing moisture to escape from behind the installed stone. Your mason should be informed and following these best practices.

What you should ask:
Do you follow the Manufacture Veneer Masonry Association recommended installation guidelines?
These guidelines are only recommendations created by a coalition of stone veneer manufactures. Masons are not required to use them. These guidelines have been revised due to the need to allow proper moisture drainage which over time can cause damage. Make sure your mason is following these guidelines for the prevention of water damage.

Are you a Certified Cultured Stone Installer?
A Cultured Stone Certified Installer has been trained,
has had: their quality of work checked, background checked, are licensed and properly insured.

Are you current with the manufactures best practices?
Manufactures and Dealers offer training on new products and best practice yearly. A good mason will be informed and following these best practices.

What brand products do you install?
Warranty, stone thickness and depth of color is very important as not all stone veneers are created equal. Know what is going under the stone. This is important to protect your home from damage. Here is a list of recommended products:
Cultured Stone ProStone
Semco Natural Stone VeneerKeene Rain Screen Drainage Systems
• Keene Weep Screed
• AMICO EZ Bead, Window/Door Drip Edge
Self Furring Lath: AMICO Metal self furring lath & Spider Lath self furring fiberglass lathFor a list of Select Installers and Dealers please contact Instone today 888-467-8250

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Natural Stone Veneer - timeless beauty

Whether you’re a homeowner, designer, or architect there’s no matching the pride you’ll feel when you see the breathtaking allure of natural stone adds to your project. Natural stone helps communicate your vision, from sophisticated elegance to bold ruggedness.

Few building materials possess the durability and versatility of natural stone. From traditional installations to contemporary designs, from intimate buildings to towering structures.

Stone colors and textures vary from region - Quarries in the northeast tend to be of grays and blues, while stones from the Midwest regions have rust & browns, while out west it in the light range with tans, light browns and reds.

There is no replacing natural stone although there are many manufactured stone that could fool an expert mason. Natural stone has life long durability and is timeless.

Natural Stone is recommended when installing a wood burning fireplace, as the smoke and suet can damaged manufactured stone. Natural Stone can be scrubbed clean with out worry of damage.

There are numerous stone quarries, natural stone producers but few have the appeal and reputation as Buechel Natural Stone Veneer.

Buechel Stone has a vast selection of natural stone types and textures to add visual distinction to your project. No other building material offers the unique textures, natural colors, and exceptional visual appeal found in natural stone. When it comes to beauty, strength, and longevity, Buechel natural stone is in a class of its own.
To learn more about natural stone veneer and Buechel please contact instone or visit our website or visit