Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Introduces SpiderLath, the future of lath.
Instone brings you another high quality, innovated masonry product that will increase your masonry market share. To learn more and for a sample call Instone today 888-467-8250 or email info@instoneco.com

Easier to handle
Weighing in at only 22 LBS per roll and 4’ x 75’, 300 sq ft. Each Spiderlath roll is comparable to 18 pieces of metal lath.
Easy to cut
SpiderLath cuts with a blade, knife or scissor.
Eliminate the painful cuts from the razor sharp edges of metal lath.

Cleaner Healthier Wall System using Spiderlath.
Attaching conventional metal lath will create thousands of tear holes in the vapor barrier, with Spiderlath 1/4 nailing strip seals around the fastener holes sealing moister penetration reducing mold and mildew.

Corrosion Free No Rust

Code Approved ICC-ES AC 275

Backed by a 50 Year Warranty

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