Monday, February 13, 2012

Mason get free Cultured Stone® veneer installation training

Masons, don't go into hibernation - Now is the time to work on your business
Now is the time to work on your business. Use your down time wisely.
Here is a check list of FREE and really cheap ways to increase leads, your credentials and knowledge.
Training: This time of year many manufactures of various masonry products conduct training on product installation and provide certifications. Contact your dealer, distributor or call the manufacture direct to find out about any training classes available in your area. Many conduct on line training webinars. The more certifications you have will increase your expertise and credibility with possible customers. In add will give you certification and that will get you listed on their contactor list for leads.
Build more Business Relationships and strengthen existing: Stop in and visit pool contractors, remodeling companies and other types of business that might refer their customers to you or use you as a sub contractor. Inform your existing contacts of any new services you provide and new products that will be an enhancement to their business.
Get a website: If you do not have a website get one FAST!. You are missing a lot of potential business if you can't be found online. Websites are not that expensive anymore. If you have a young person in your household chances are they can use a do-it-yourself website builder to get you online fast with little or no investment.
Get listed & Get Found: Contact manufactures and asked to be added to their masonry contractors directory on their website. Sign up for free on-line business listings.
go to - this site will help you post your website to multiple listing sites like Google Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp and more.
Don't forget Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter these can be a contractors best tool for find leads as the best lead is a referral form family, friends, and customers social media is the way you can stay connected an in their minds.
Lastly, and most importantly email and business cards. I am always surprised by the number of mason contractors who don't even have an email address. The entire universe communicates view email. There is no excuse they are free. you can sign up for one with and
Business cards get them, make sure you have an email, cell & office phone and website address on the cards. Keep plenty of cards on hand at all times.
Should you like to learn more about this topic please contact me.
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Advertisement is the base of each product. Without information people not aware and familiar with that. Thanks for Information.
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