Monday, November 17, 2008

Making a plan for outdoor living increases comfort and value to your home.

Making a Plan for outdoor living.
More and more people think about taking their lifestyle outside, not only for the warmer months but now for the colder seasons as well. With outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, and hot tubs, living outdoors is year round.
If you're thinking about how to create the right environment to transfer your life outdoors, consider this advice for a well thought out plan. Add comfort and increase the value of your home.
1. Let your style lead the way in defining an outdoor room. Whether your taste is rustic with an old world charm, classic with sophisticated architectural accents or linear with a modern edge, odds are that it can be integrated into your outdoor environment.
2. The more accessible your space is, the more you will use it. So put function first.
3. If the area will be a central point in your outdoor lifestyle, consider built-in heating to accommodate weather changes.
4. No other single element sets the mood as well as lighting. Recessed lighting, chandeliers, niche lighting and sconces — all controlled on dimmer switches — create the perfect ambient glow.
5. To complement your outdoor life style, include music. Place the speakers out in the yard, directing the sound toward the house. Not only will this create a fuller sound, but it will also help keep peace with your neighbors.
6. Install your television with easy visibility and minimal sun exposure to eliminate glare. Consider installing cabinetry to protect equipment.
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