Thursday, May 14, 2009

Outdoor fireplaces have exploded in popularity because they bring so much enjoyment to the backyard and can extend your use from early spring to late fall.The popularity can also be contributed to the beauty a fireplace can add to a home.

With all of the color, textures and styles of manufactured and natural stone veneer to choose from, you can create a one of a kind showpiece.

Fires mesmerize, give warmth and create ambiance with sounds and smells of crackling wood. There is nothing like sitting around a fire when entertaining family and friends.

Your backyard will become an extension of your living and entertainment space, giving your home a laidback feeling of comfort.

If you are thinking of taking advantage of the low interest rates by taking out a home improvement loan, think about an outdoor fireplace. It's one home improvement that will add value that you can enjoy right now for this summer. Just add the Smores! Allow one of our "Select Installer" masons provide a quote on an outdoor fireplace for your home. Contact Instone today.
Outdoor fireplaces come in a variety of sizes, styles and price points. There is an outdoor fireplace of one type or another for every person. The first thing to check is your local codes and laws as some municipalities have real concerns about outdoor air quality. Traditional wood-burning fires can create air pollution problems when certain weather conditions create an inversion which traps smoke particles in the air. If local laws prohibit wood-burning fireplaces, look for approved models that may be fueled with natural gas or propane.

For the do-it-yourselfer, Instone can assist you with a Cultured Stone dealer in your area. Call today, 888-467-8250. Our dealers can supply you with a complete outdoor fireplace package. Contact us for a dealer near you.
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