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Moisture Management - do it right now or pay later

Moisture Management
The new BUZZ term in the Masonry World
If you haven't heard the term Moisture Management being used in association with the installation of masonry then you might have been living under a stone !
Over the last 3 years the masonry industry in the United States began to get on board with the concept of moisture management. Due to the rise of failed installations and the hundreds of contractors being sued has sent up enough signals for the industry to start policing themselves. As a result new guideline to improve the failure rate and stop faulty installations has been written and is being recommended by the Masonry Veneer Manufactures Association.
The MVMA has collected data and performed studies that caused the implementation for the changes to the installation guideline.

Changes to the installation instructions required for installing Manufactured Stone Veneer changes include:

Double layer of Weather Resistant Barrier
Incorporation of Foundation Weep Screed
Self Furring Lath – fully embedded in scratch coat of mortar
(¼” behind and ¼” in front)

MVMA also talks about the option of using a Rainscreen product that will create a capillary break / air space between the cladding and the primary water resistive barrier. These products are used to improve the escape of incidental water and decrease drying time.

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More information :
Exterior Covering IRC 2006/2009 R703.1 General. Exterior walls shall provide the building with a weather resistant exterior wall envelope. The exterior wall envelope shall include flashings as described in section R703.8. The exterior wall envelope shall be designed and constructed in a manner that prevents accumulation of water within the wall assembly by providing a water resistant barrier behind the exterior veneer or required by section R703.2 and a means of draining water that enters the assembly to the exterior. Protection against condensation in the exterior wall assembly shall be provided in accordance with chapter 11 of this code.


Astm 926 & 1063
2 Layers Grade D Paper 1 layer 60 minute grade D with rainscreen seperating
Weep Screed
Furred Lathe over sheathing
Flashing – Windows, Doors, Sill Pan, Kick Outs,
3 coat over wood based sheathing 3/8”, 3/8” and 1/8”
Expansion break at windows doors fascia and caulked
Rainscreen- Enhances drainage plane

Stick on stone – Plaster section of code
Paper – ESR Reports

“It’s not going to be a matter of choice any longer. It’s going to be demanded by the Architects, Home Owners, and by Building Inspectors. “ said Kevin Grotke General Sales Manager of Instone, a masonry wholesale distributor. Instone is assisting the industry by making available the moisture management products that are in compliancy with the new guidelines and local building codes” States Grotke. For more information please visit

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