Monday, June 20, 2011

Lath Integrity Program

Birmingham, AL - June 7, 2011
Alabama Metal Industries, Inc. (AMICO), a Gibraltar Industries Company, has announced a new listing on ICC-ESR website for its re-engineered metal laths.
ICC-ESR #2247:
With this new listing, AMICO has launched a "Lath Integrity Program" that will include color-coded bundle bands identifying the weight of the lath, the ASTM C-847 & ICC-ESR #2247. Chris Little, Group Product Manager for AMICO states the "Lath Integrity Program will demonstrate to the marketplace our commitment to produce galvanized metal laths meeting ASTM Standards for physical properties including dimension, weight & thickness. This identification band assures the installer & inspector of lath that meets code."
This Includes the new 97-inch MINIMUM length requirement in ASTM C 847-10
Bundle bands with identifying color will be on bundle straps at both the East & West Coast manufacturing facilities. For more information, contact AMICO at 800-366-2642, or

Chris Little, CSI, CDT
LEED-Green Associate
AMICO- Building Products Manager

For information on metal lath please contact Instone

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