Thursday, August 4, 2011

Masonry Industry and Building Inspectors need to get on the same page

Use this To prevent this

I've had conversations with building inspectors who have told me they advise home owners to stay away form masonry applications, stucco and stone veneer to be specific.
Why? Because they have seen too many faulty installations that created mold, stone falling off houses and water damage.

Now being in the masonry industry I found this very alarming, as my job is to inform our customers, contractors and home owners of the measurements to take now to have a healthy wall system. Stone veneer is here to stay, its beautiful, versatile and wanted by homeowners and designers. With proper installation a stone veneer application can last a lifetime.

Currently there is no building code in NJ or NY that enforce the use of a drainage system when installing stone veneer or stucco. Very few consumers are aware of the proper way to install and because these measurements add to the cost of installation, contractors will not recommend the extra expense in fear of losing the bid to a competitor.

Homeowners, you must demand your contractor follow the Masonry Veneer Manufactures Association (MVMA) guidelines. Its well worth the additional cost to protect your investment. Only use a contractor that has been trained and is current with the best practices of the industry.

Masons, help save your industry. Attend installation training on the MVMA guidelines, ask your dealer or distributor about drainage products. Educate your customers on healthy wall systems.

Please use me/InStone as a resource healthy wall systems, the MVMA guide, where to find a trained mason, product information and where to find these products.

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(you can visit to down load the guide.) (Please know these guidelines are for stone veneer that is installed on the out side of homes/buildings. )


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