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Masonry Veneer Manufacturers Association – 1 – July 24, 2009
750 National Press Building, 529 14th Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20045
Water Penetration Testing of an
Adhered Masonry Veneer Wall Assembly Installed Over
Rainscreen Systems
This investigation explored the effect of simulated winddriven
rain conditions on several wall assemblies related
to adhered masonry veneer cladding installed over a
rainscreen system. For the purposes of this study a
rainscreen is defined as: a construction technique or
rainscreen product that creates a capillary break/air
space between the cladding and the primary water
resistive barrier. The assemblies tested the “field of the
wall”. The parameters investigated were water-resistive
barrier (WRB) of #15 felt combined with commercially
available rainscreen systems.
The testing protocol was to evaluate wall assembly
performance with WRB, five different rainscreen systems,
lath, and a mortar scratch coat layer. The intent was to
show that the addition of a rainscreen system does not
negatively affect test results, and compare the results to
similar testing by MVMA without the rainscreen systems
incorporated into the wall assembly. The testing
ultimately demonstrated the combination of WRB,
rainscreen, lath, & scratch coat was effective at
preventing water penetration.
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